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Calendar of Events:

         "THE DIVINE FEMININE WAY"       

        All Day Speakers, Booths, Music & More

        Sunday, April 30, 2017

            Courtyard by Marriott
            La Sala Ballroom

            Santa Fe, New Mexico

        Lots of details to come! There will be a reception the evening prior and possibly a private workshop the following day! Fully guided (and why I was ultimately called to New Mexico) to support our anchoring in of the new energies and our new ways of being!

        +++Early Announcement to mark this date, especially for those traveling!+++


BASIC- This seminar will teach the participants the following:

  1. The origin and philosophy of Sie’s the Day
  2. How to do muscle response testing.
  3. How to ensure accuracy of one’s testing.
  4. How to do Sie’s the Day technique for conscious thoughts, beliefs and stress, including practice time.
  5. Demonstration of Sie’s the Day.
  6. Clinical findings of subconscious traumas and prevention.
  7. Other helpful tools (soul retrieval, energy exchange, keeping one’s own energy, manifestation meditation.)

INTERMEDIATE- This seminar will teach participants the following:

  1. How to find and release original wounds, traumas and beliefs (including ancestral wounds, inherited wounds, in-utero and birth traumas, subconscious misbeliefs and misperceptions.
  2. How to create and enhance manifesting one’s destiny.
    Prerequisite: Sie’s the Day - Basic

ADVANCED- This seminar will teach participants the following:

  1. How to find and release “past life” imprints.
  2. How to find and release “implants.”
  3. Specific patterns with “fallen angel”, “Pleidian re-acclimatization”, “holocaust survivor/ Judaic inherited wounds,” “Atlantean imprint/ fear of being powerful.”
  4. Minor Entity releasement.
    Prerequisite: Sie’s the Day - Intermediate


This seminar would teach participants how to find and resolve traumas that often times manifests as pain or discomfort in the body. This technique will allow participants to understand what their bodies are trying to “tell them” through their energy blocks, discomfort or pain to find the original wounds and resolve them.
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Couples Workshop

Dr. Sie and Dr. Hoffman have developed extensive experience and expertise in relationship counseling and tools to help couples help themselves. This workshop will utilize primarily the Sie’s the Day technique for couples and family.


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